Children's Aid Society of Mercer County
P.O. Box 167
Mercer, PA 16137

    The Children's Aid Society is one of the oldest social service agencies in Mercer County. The Society has provided services to the children and families in this community without interruption since it's founding in 1889.

    CAS is a member of Grove City Area United Way, Mercer County Human Services Council, Mercer County United Way, Pennsylvania Child Care Association, and Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth, & Family Services.

Original House - 1889

 Our Focus

Children, ranging in age from infants to eighteen years, and families at risk of separation for any reason are the focus of our services; that may include the children and families in the planning stages of reunification. Children are best cared for by their families - to foster a healthy environment for children we offer support and services to their families as well as to individual children. Permanency, safety and well-being for children guide the direction of our services.

Our Organization

Governed by a 15 member Board of Directors, selected to geographically represent Mercer County, the Society is supported by a dedicated group of individuals that include Auxiliary members and volunteers.

Our History

The Children's Aid Society Of Mercer County, founded in 1889 and incorporated in 1919, is a private, non-profit, charitable organization (501 c-3) dedicated to support and strengthen children, families, and communities by providing a variety of services. Although the Society is no longer an orphanage, it still maintains its child and family centered philosophy, providing a wide array of community-based services intended to protect children and assist families in the care and nurturing of their children.  The Society is one of the oldest continuously operating social agencies in Mercer County.

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